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Memberships Available

All fees are for the 2024 Summer Season

West Arundel Swim Club is the area's most economical private swim club. Families wishing to become members must purchase a one-time $300 share and pay annual dues. By purchasing a share you become part-owner of the swim club. 

We offer several plans to purchase your Family Membership.

Family Trial Membership

Family Interim Membership

Family Membership

Single Membership

Family Renter Membership

A Trial Family Membership is a non-renewable membership for new families wishing to “try” the swim club for the summer before making the commitment to purchase a share. Enjoy all we have to offer including FREE swim lessons for all included in your membership. This membership expires at the end of the swim season. If you decide to become a share-holding member before your membership expires, pay an additional $150 and we will transfer the trial fee you initially paid to purchase your share in the club. 


An Interim Family Membership is the payment plan to purchase a share in the Swim Club. Pay $100 towards your share and the $495 dues to activate your membership. The $200 share balance is due by November 30th. 


Purchase a $300.00 share and pay the annual dues of $495.00.  You are now a part-owner of the swim club. When your family no longer wishes to be a member or you move from the area, you may request to place your share on the re-sale list.  When your share is sold, you will be refunded $300.00.


Individuals pay a one-time single membership fee of $100.00 plus the annual dues of $250.  Single memberships are available to  to individuals 13 years of age and older.



An annual renewable membership for families who live in rental properties and plan to be in the area for only a year or two. A copy of the rental agreement is required.



**A Family Type Membership shall include the name of the head of the household/self, your spouse/partner, parents residing with you, senior citizen parents, and each of your unmarried children, but shall not include others that reside in the same household. We offer a Seasonal Add-On Pass that you may purchase for others that reside in the same household.

FREE Swim Lessson to all NEW Members!

Seasonal Pass


An annual renewable membership for a person who resides in the home of a Family Type Member but does not qualify to be part of the family-type membership.  Proof of residence in a member's home is required.

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